Terry S. Taylor and The Neverhood All Clay Band Klogg Is Dead! Lyrics

Klogg is dead, and we want to celebrate it
He's pushin' up dasies Former and belated
He's a bad guy that's why were elated
well, Klogg is dead!
follow the bouncing skull!

Yeesss, Kloggs kaput!
No longer opperatin'
Retired! Expired!
Quite an emancipation
Released, Deceased!
Gone bust, he's dust!
Let's lift up our shorts
And do a pelvic thrust!


Klogg is dead!
He was dirty and obscene, and not a little mean!
So we'll sing in one accord
Now that he's gone to his reward!

Klogg is dead, he's history!
Why we shake our booty's no mystery!
He's gone at last, his time has past!
Now we can go back to passing gas!

Yeah, Klogg IS DEAD!

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