George Strait West Texas Town Lyrics

I'm on my way to Amarillo
I can't seem to get my fill of that
Little west Texas Town
I've got a sweet thing built, right Betty
Head to toe, shes mighty pretty
Living in that west Texas town

Friday comes, it's time to roll
Time for me to hit the road
I've got my eyes on the horizon
My little dish in that panhandle
Lights up like a Roman Candle
When I reach that west Texas town
Ah, sing it Dean

From Big Spring all the way to Plainview
I can't wait to get to you know who
In that west Tesas town
I drive through hell and half of Texas
Just to get to her by breakfast
Waiting in the west Texas town


Baby, turn the porch light on
Your big Poppa's coming home
To that west Texas town

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