Phanatik Me? Lyrics

[Verse One]
It takes a whole lot to hold your attention span
I mean I gotta be large I'm talking extension - expand
The invention of plans that are grand and sensational
Cuz the appetite of man is almost insatiable
More, not just more but greater than before
Supply the demand, they command encore
Now I'm sure I could do a lil' sumn' sumn'
Rock a couple rhymes, do a show, you know something
I ain't gonna front like God ain't give me nothing
No type of way to display His glory and show Him stuntin'
But the problem comes when I'm in front of them
And they leave wanting me and instead of wanting Him
Now you can see my dilemma, cuz I am just a man
I'll tell loyal fan like Flavor-Flav "I can't do nothing for you man"
I mean I can lie like I'm the shot, say I'm hot
And I got what it takes and I make no mistakes
And I'm great but I am not

I'm not gonna pitch me so you can pick me
Like I got what you need, if you p____ me I bleed
I'm just a man
It's gotta be God

[Verse Two]
This is reason #73
Not to get hung up on a actor the rapper the pastor the reverend and me
Who ever claims to belong on the throne
Needs to bring long lasting satisfaction and never leave you alone
You know those sad and lonely nights
Your superstar in his sup'd up car aint coming to hold you tight
He don't even know where you live
And you ain't goin to see him
You don't even know where they live
But they know that out of sight means out of mind
So they spend mad dough on ads and radio time
It's like they're tryna be everywhere, everywhere a person can stare
Billboards TV screen, the mirror, but I ain't playing that game
Saying my name 50 times in one rhyme just so I can remain in your brain
I don't deserve that kind of mention'n
Only God can condescend to be with men and still be omnipresence

If you come to the show, go wild go hard
But don't go all out for me go out for God
I'm not worth it I'm not worthless
He did purchase me but only He's worth your worship

[Verse Three]
The fact of the matter is
There's really nothing the matter with being enamored
With someone who has a gift
This is only hazardous
If he's asked to perform a task for which he's really not adequate
Like giving you a reason to live cause see
If your living for him and then he dies then your reason is history
Now what are you living for, sudden death strikes
And all of a sudden it's like, you gotta find a different source
For your soul to get attached
And hope they never let you down but not even Big, was big enough for that
You can get a tat, talking about, "he's still alive"
But like they tell Elvis fans, fam he really died
It's only really God, who has to get this affection
Even after death, Christ has the strength for resurrection
So please don't be fooled by all the "me's"
It could be he, she, another MC or even little old me

Don't that just sound so immature and insecure
That's not what I'm in it for, not at all
Look at them
Take away the video girls and the cars and the flashy clothes and just look at him
There's no comparison, none comes near to Him
Come here listen man, This is the Lord
The depths and the riches of His wisdom and knowledge are beyond searching out
He's from everlasting to everlasting
He dwells in a high and holy place
This is the Lord who inhabits eternity
You inhabit a crib, He inhabits eternity
We can't match up with Him, it's got to be God

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