Phanatik Odd Job Lyrics

Brothers, are we lovers of pleasure or of God?
If not then let's cross to the other side
Sisters, Yes, do a check
For self respect, check
Don't sell it for wealth and regret
Families, what up
Stay together, pray together
Brave the elements of weather, whether it's sunshine or rain
Do that thing like it's your day job
Work it overtime, over time we'll make 'em praise God

[Verse One]
When they look, they're shook
They're like, where'd you get your wisdom from
I bet it's from that book, cause we don't point to us
We stay pointed up, this is how God appointed us to live
He entrusts His kids with a road map to peace
Cuz the streets is like the Middle East
A beast, but He teaches us to say no
To desires that rage like fires in our souls
Then He goes and shows us what's best
And gives us His mind to help us say yes
And He tells us stay blessed
And to walk in the light
And live like it's day, and not get lost in the night
He helps us to desire what we should
And protects us like a fence unless it's all good
Now you can climb His barbed wire
And get scared by it but how's that gonna make 'em lift God higher


[Verse Two]
Pac made it cool to be a thug
Why not be the one to make 'em say, "Ok made it cool to be in love with God"
Or "pop ain't no fool he put his trust in God"
I remember when I was in school I put in plugs for God
Back then it was hard to try to find
The balance between the daily and the divine
Now I find that it's just one of those things
That for the Christian those two are one in the same
It's not something we construct ourselves
Scripture instructs us how to conduct ourselves
We're still human beings
Still humans seeing and doing as humans do it's just our views are changing
We don't laugh at all the jokes
Especially when the hope that we hold is called a hoax
No club and bed hoppin'
It's tuff not to sin when you're constantly breaking your neck watchin 'em
I know, she ain't have to where them jeans like that
But that don't mean you gotta stare all at her seems like that
It seems like that's the hardest part of all
Is how to stand strong after standing for the alter call
But we gotta learn to say no
Sometimes we gotta lay low
Not that we rockin' halos we just gotta stay on or J.O


[Third Verse]
You can clock out but I'm punching mines
Hard workers are getting' harder to find
Like it's quarter to lunch time
But I know some, they aint livin' ho-hum they go gung-ho for the Son
It's not an issue of going to work or not
Tell 'em Tonic, when you're heavenly minded it's the only choice you got
And Ambassador told us Christ soldiers
Like rolling with Him now no more wait til this life's over
Truth gave a shout to my Christians in school
Who decided to be more Christian than cool
And sometimes when you're livin' the truth
You don't have to say a word cause your life is the livin' proof
That's Badia Jeter she said it the sweetest
I'm a spokes model on the runway for Jesus
See, our job
Is to find life and define life without going outside of our God
I go to work, like it's 9 a.m
Trying hard to find me a friend who reminds me of Him
Be distinct, don't let the lines blend
To where they can't tell where you start and the carnal mind ends


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