Evangel R&R Lyrics

[Verse One]
Now listen the kid with the new found vision
sound Christian, the old me found missing
I don't miss him I'm on a mission
Commissioned by an Author who's telling iller stories then John Grishom
Mind twistin, you would think it was this then
He's known for flipping the script and giving them something different
For instance isn't death irreversible-
But the instant you're found in Him now it isn't
How terrific how He fixes our afflictions, the epitome of all out altruism
All to Him is going all I have cause all I owe
I don't deserve Him at all y'all I know
All the woes, all the burdens of time
Combined and loaded down on one man's mind
Is all too kind and light of a situation
In light of the one eternal dilemma that man is facing
Try leaving the land of the living
And stand before the Lamb without having your sins forgiven
This is a no win situation, unless you know Him cause then your placed in
Relationship that's safe so when it's all over
Just know that it's just beginning for those who call upon Jehovah
We'll take off this flesh and put on fresh type skin
We don't know what we'll be but we'll be just like Him
Through out all the centuries, all who've fallen to sleep
Whether burned at the stakes or sawn into pieces of lost in the deep
Or tossed into steep pits and left for dead
They'll lift their heads and all get to breath then
Looking back at this life won't even add up
Compared to eternity earth won't even matter
So death is not my enemy anymore, it's only a key to a door
So hit me with a shotty a Maserati a pestilence or sword
Me absent from the body means I'm present with the Lord

[Chorus x2]
If Christ is not risen, we won't rise with Him
If He's not returning, we won't fly with Him
But since He's risen and since He's returning
We'll be living with Him in heaven for eternity

[Verse Two]
The truth has been cited
We've learned after Christ' return the bride & the groom are united
With His introduction, to show sin's destruction
This body of corruption puts on incorruption & shares His perfection
Receive the life He gives & see Him like He is like His mirror's reflection
He'll soothe in love, no tear ducts, hair plugs, or airbrush
Removal of the worst of infirmities
With Christ the Lord in paradise-
Restored & have our life's applaud in worship eternally
The R without Eric B & them, Regenerated from our legacy of sin inherently
Within plus He's the resurrector
Who brings us back like rewind wheel it up selecta
Rude boy derelicts fiery lake inherited
While what must I do to be saved becomes rhetoric
Not a relevant question
Cuz Christ righteousness sliced our beef like a delicatessen
When God's done a__embling
No need for the r for restrains but the r that remains for the remnant
We'll proceed from the White throne, to an eternal life zone
Thru His gates we'll breeze like a cyclone
To kick it with Christ who paid iniquities price & He'll sit as the light
Enthroned & this home is the city of life
It's the earth's new edition like Ronny, Bobby, Ricky & Mike
Just day for us to live in
Never have a good night that God blessed like his name was Russell Simmons
It will be splendid, sin's not remembered
All cuz He rendered sin's debt rescinded
Not redundancy but a new scene where life abundantly is routine

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