Phanatik Hope in the Streetz Lyrics

1st verse
Every time I connect with Kevin Author
we end up reppin our Heavenly Father
so just relax and chill
in a minute we'll get in it kick some facts and build
it's action packed yup packed with thrills and what happens'll fill your back with chills
I'm not rapping to get stacks of bills and rock shows and have the stands packed with girls
what I need with a one night stand
I'm looking for a love to last one life span
anything short of that is sort of whack
caught on your back in more sacks than quarterbacks
and that's not the way I'm rolling out
no wed no bed so I'm holding out
I throw rhymes like spears and darts while I share my art I hope you hear my heart
here let me tear off a part and help someone out there steer clear of the dark
for a second
just for a moment
turn off the Lord's opponents
put MTV
BET on pause listen while I speak He gone call and
all yall need to do is answer
it's simple
we're sinful
we're sin soaked
He's sin's soap
plus men's hope

Brings hope to the streets
don't we need hope in the streets
watch me bring hope to the streets
watch me bring hope over beats
don't we need life in the streets
watch me bring Christ to the streets

2nd verse
I'm a bible
I'm every chapter and verse
I'm a revival a recital of His actions rehearsed
I'm Jeremiah
a fire burning inside yearning earnestly fevorently trying to turn men to God
let me ease up on this track
how come
it's just a little to smooth for all that
I'm hoping that a brother don't choose the wrong path if I do then that means that I'm loose and fall back
gotta tune out the voices this life is full of so many choices
like I never thought I'd see the day that I would have to choose between Hip-hop and rap or like the last election
I don't know who to choose
it was AVP whoever wins we loose
I gotta choose between a lifestyle adult rated
and God's unadulterated Word
now maybe you saying I got a way with words but that's nothing cause some cat just got away with murder and I'm not finish my job until they've all heard of the grace we all need and thy receive Christ in the streets


3rd verse
Everyday I pray for the streets
for revival that it begins in me
I'm like
Lord save me from myself or
maybe I need to one myself
not in a physical cense
that's ill
it's not kill Bill I need to kill my will
cause that's we're the problem lies
my pride
my lies what I priorities see
ya man aint perfect but since I was purchased one of the perks is He purges me
and keeps me in pursuit of His Person and keeps my engine purring like Persian
cats better recognize Who keeps us stepping like the electric slide and I
pray for my family too with a whole saved family Lord what could you do so I pray for Ken and I pray for P.
for Tanya
for James
Marcus and Kevin too
for Omar
I pray for Neru
for Joshua
J and Donna
that their whole family could bring you honor
I pray for Tai
I pray for Sha
I pray for Judah
I pray for Zi
I lift up my uncles and pray for my aunts
I lift up my Moms
I pray for my Pops
I pray for Margaret
for the Florida and Alabama family
that we'd all be a part of ya plan for peace
take up past religion
past church
past hurts and past divisions so we can pass the vision along with the legacy to the next generation with each pregnancy
and I know that this song is getting long but I'm praying that my family is getting strong and
yeah it takes more than just prayer so I solemnly swear and volunteer to be there
Lord save all my peeps I pray for 'em each cause if they could be reached they could take it to the streets


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