Foxy Brown Intro... Chicken Coop Lyrics

[Rich Nice]
The following previews have been approved for all audiences
by the Committee For Audiovisual Sound

*sounds of traffic*
On the mean streets of New York, everyone has a crew
Now the music industry has one of their very own

*music starts*
Violator Entertainment present
The most thrilling trio since Three the Hard Way
Yogi, Chaddeo, and the Mighty Hah
The Cru

[The Cru]
Uhh, uhh
Can you feel it?

Now once upon a time let's see if I remember
Back in January (nah chill it was December)

[Rich Nice]
Also coming...
In the Summer of '96 we saw Nas Escobar captivate an entire industry
Little did we know when he stepped through the door
The Firm he represented would be right behind him

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