Don't cry, Jhony Lyrics

When I Told Her What I Had To Say

Joni Joni Please Don�t Cry
You�ll Forget Me Bye And Bye
You�re Just Fif-teen I�m Twenty Two
And Joni I Just Can�t Wait For You

Soon I Left Our Little Home Town
Got Me A Job And Tried To Settle Down
But These Words Just Kept Haunting My Memo-ry
The Words That Joni Said To Me

Jimmy Please Say You�ll Wait For Me
I�ll Grow Up Some Day You�ll See
Saving All My Kisses Just For You
Signed With Love Forever True

I Packed My Clothes And I Caught A Plane
Had To See Joni I Had To Explain
How My Heart Was Filled With Her Memo-ry
And Ask My Joni If She�ll Marry Me

I Ran All The Way To The House Next Door
Things Weren�t Like They Were Before
My Teardrops Fell Like Rain That Day
When I Heard What Joni Had To Say

Jimmy Jimmy Please Don�t Cry
You�ll Forget Me Bye And Bye
It�s Been Five Years Since You�ve Been Gone
Jimmy I Married Your Best Friend John

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