hear tonight flatcat Lyrics

Hear tonight

Another closure in town, people losing their jobs and income
The board decided that profit should raise again, over and done
Another war's being fought, once again because of a devine creature
We are the chose race, our way of life prevails, you're second place

We are here tonight, there's no reason for you to feel down
Cuz we're here to entertain you
Jumping up and down, moving from the left onto the right
Yeah we're here to entertain you

Another girl has been raped, she was found dead and had to suffer lot's of pain
Just 20 years of age, could this be her last page, over and gone
I've had enough of this game, should we sit down and bow our heads in shame
Let's try to have some fun, forget the pain for once, it's all we've got

We are here tonight, hear tonight

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