Nate Huss Spotlight Lyrics

I play the game
I practice all the right lines
I cover up the white lies, the white lies
But you,You see me
Disguise my inhibition
Wear a mask of treason
Of pleasing, deceiving

Spotlight's on I'm an actor on a stage
I can play the part where I disappear so
You can't find me
Make me run and shout like a puppet on a string
But when it fades to black and the crowd is gone
Who am I to me

You, still don't konw me
And that's the way I planned it
That's the way I need it and want it
But where did I go
Am I buried deep inside me
Would I even know me
To find me, remind me

This is not as hard as it should be
How did I get so good that I don't know myself
Did I lose it all along the way
Or can you help me
Find who I am to me


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