Nate Huss Down To Love Lyrics

It's easy for me to get lost
Spinning around
Twisted by the game
And I see everyday
We're running a race
But we never get caught up

It's like I just don't have the time
So I hang on for the ride

Doesn't it all come down to love
Doesn't it all come down to
Giving a little more than you get in return
Doesn't it all come down to Him
'Cause He is Love
Yeah He is Love, Love, yeah

Give me all that I need
Show me some love
Yeah that's my normal day
Then watch me get what i want
And pout when I don't
'Cause it's all about me still

But if I jjust won't take the time
Life will only pass me by


It cannot be that hard
It only takes a heart to love
When the push comes to shove
When everything is lost
And nothing's left to gain
Only love, only love remains


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