Nate Huss You Still Know My Name Lyrics

It's what amazes me
It's what I can't explain (no way)
It's too big for me
To ever understand

How you formed this world with Your Hands
And gave life with a single breath

Even when You turned the night to day
Even when You spoke and life became
Way before You took my place You knew my name
Even when it seems like I'm way too small
And it's far too late 'cause You've heard it all
Even though Your hands created everything
You still know my name

Way before I knew
That I'd be here today
Way before I knew
That You would be here too

You made a way that'll never change
You promised me Your everyting


In a world so big I could get lost
But it's just who you are
To find me and know my name

When you ordered time and s___e


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