Nate Huss Everytime Lyrics

Some days I'm too tired
Too weak to walk
Mabe I'm just scared to fall
'Cause with every step
My world just comes apart

Lord, You take my fear
And all the pain
You have said You'd draw me near
I can't imagine life
Apart from Your hope
Your touch, Your peace
I'm amazed at how You care for me

Everytime I hang by a thread
You're there to save me
You're the hand that keeps reachin', reachin'
Everywhere I turn You're like a shadow
Right beside me
You're the strength I find everytime

There's no place too far
No valley wide
You won't go to calm my heart (calm my heart)
So I don't wanna go
Back to the desperate life I led before
'Cause I'm not helpless, hopeless, anymore


Will You make my searching and
Will this journey ever make sense
Finding love in myself
In finding You

Holding something really true
Is that all I gotta do
Learn to find myslef in You
Learn to find myself in You


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