Hariharan Nila Kaigirathu Lyrics

Nila kaigirathu..
nirem theigirathu..
yaarum rasikevilaiyea...
Intha kangal matoom unnai kaanum..

Thendral pogindrathu..
sollai sirikindrathu..
yaarum suthika vilaiyea..
intha kaigal matoom unnai theendoom..

katru veesum veiyil kaayoom kaayoom..
athil maatram ethum ilaiyea..
vaanum mannum nammai vazha chollum..
antha vaazhthu oiyavillai enendroom vaanill..

Atho pogindrathu aasai megam..
thalaiyai keatu kolu..
itho pogindrathu kuyilil paadal..
isaiyai keatukolu..

intha boomiyea poovanam...
unggal pookalai keallungal..
intha vaazhkeiyea seethanam..
unggal theivaiyei keallungal..

The Moon is shining,
The color is fading,
oh, but nobody is enjoying it.
Yet, these eyes will see you (my eyes).

The breeze is flowing,
the gardens are smiling,
yet, there is none enjoying it.
but these hands will touch you (my eyes).

The Wind will blow, the sunshine will be there,
there is no change in that.
The Sky & Land will tell us to LIVE.
those wishings will not cease forever.

There it is, the dear Cloud
Here it is, the cuckoo's song
Seek the Music in it.

This world is a garden,
Seek your Flowers in it.

This life is a Gift,
Ask for your needs

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