Od sumraka do svitanja Mexican blackbird Lyrics

If youre down in acuna and you aint up to being alone
Dont spend all your money on just any honey thats grown.
Go find the mexican blackbird and send all your troubles back home.

They all call her her puta cause no one really knows her name.
She works the cantina, dancin and a-lovins her trade.
Her mama was mezcan and her daddy was the ace of spades.

Oh, lets drive that old chrysler down to mexico, boy.
Said, keep your hands on the wheel there.
Oh, it sure is fine, aint it?
Now, ya got it! hand me another one of them brews from back there.
Oh, this is gonna be so good.

Mm, shes hot as a pepper but smooth as a mexican brew.
So head for the border and put in an order or two.
The wings of the blackbird will spread like an eagle for you.

Oh, one more time,
Can you roll me another bull durham, please?
Cant you do it with one hand, boy?

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