Bella Morte Coffin Lyrics

I woke up dead to find that everything
had changed
The world's a bitter place so grey and cold
Has it always been this way
So now I hunger seems I'm in the mood
for brains
But blood and guts will do for a day or two as I make my way to you
In a daze I stumble from the coffin wood
Toward the cities' hazy eyes that shine so bright
Such blinded fools they wander void of
fear in life
Tonight they find in me the darker side of night

I hear your heart but find that you are
not alone
I stumble through the door and down the hall
To where you slept before
My dead eyes find you with another and I see
I've been replaced by someone else's
arms though
I've been dead but three weeks

Dead eyes stair as hunger builds
Destroy destroy
They'll find a sanguine house of death when morning calls
The slaughter ends as on the other I will
feast this night
Oh yeah
The second life begins

Join me tonight

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