Carol Banawa Only World Lyrics

It is time we change our ways
Speak a one, united phrase
In every song that we sing
In every dream that we dream
Telling it is up to us to decide

All the conflicts in our hearts
Let's forget the way it starts
Let's be together like then
Together hand in hand
For this world can be stronger again

For we were born in love
That's how we came about
The time has come for us
To make our voice as one in sharing
Replace the hate we have with caring

So happy we can be
If we would all agree
And there would be delight
For all the things we see
Let's cherish the only world we have

Ooh oh

[Repeat REFRAIN]
[Repeat CHORUS]

Ooh, one love for all the earth
Ooh, one world is all that we have
We were given hearts to love
By the heavens up above
Yeah yeah

[Repeat CHORUS twice]

Ooh, let's cherish the only world we have

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