Carmaig de Forest Coldwater Park Lyrics

I used to slide on the slide there
I used to swing on the swings
Climb on the jungle gym shaped like Saturn
and hang upside down from the monkey rings

We'd race the stingrays across the bungee cord (?)
just to make the old fogeys yell
And over by the eucalyptus tree
I felt up Michelle

But tonight's gonna be the first time
I'll have gone there after dark
Of all the places in L.A.
the man picks Coldwater Park

I told him I knew where it was
but I didn't say how well
How my family's house was just up the street
before they had to sell

"At the picnic table, 10 o' clock", he said
"come alone."
I got there early, I parked up the block
I thought I'd check out my old home

I was looking in the kitchen window
When a dog inside started to bark
So I backed off
and headed down to Coldwater Park

The jungle gym that looked like Saturn
Isn't there no more
In its place is a twenty foot long Brontosaurus
I guess kids these days aren't into Outer s___e

But the picnic table's still the same
it's still got all of our names carved on it
Plus a lot more too
I can see it in the moonlight

There's me, there's Michelle, there's Mikey Nye
Mikey Nye, the a__wipe
We made him carve that there
in a game of truth and dare

Yeah, he was one too
And it's still carved there
Yeah it's still carved there

And now it's carved in the forehead
of a double-dealing narc
who thought he had an easy mark
whose body was discovered next morning in Coldwater Park

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