KT Oslin KT Oslin - Silver Tongue and Gold Plated Lies Lyrics

I can still hear your footsteps in the hallway.
I still hear your voice behind the door.
Hear the crying of my heart as it beats at a time.
As it Waits for the one it will never see no more.

(Why why why did you leave me
I can't keep the tears out of my eyes
Why Why did you deceive me in love
With your silver tongue and gold plated lies.)

I remember the first time I saw you.
Your clothes were black as mine.
When you talked me your talk, you made me wish you could be mine.
But somehow I knew something was not right.

You know my friends, when they see me they all wonder.
And I don't know to tell them when they ask.
There ain't nothing to explain, you just found another flame.
Our love is just a thing of the past.

You had a silver tongue you had a gold plated lie.
you had a silver tongue you had a gold plated lie.
You had a silver tongue gold and plated lies.
Silver tongue, gold plated lies.

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