Kevin Johansen 06 Funny Face Lyrics

You´re always lookin´ at me like I´m crazy
Like I´m out of place
Givin´me that stare you give me
With me your funny face

I used to feel a bit intimidated
But now I´m okay
I just go on and mind my own business
And watch you´re funny face

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna party
I wanna party with you
I think a, I guess a, I suppose a party
Would be the best thing to do with you
Yeah, with a you, with a you, with a you
With a you, with a you...Funny Face!

I´ll dip my toes in boilin´gravy
And then I´ll lick ´em clean
I´ll threaten you with joinin´ the Navy
To watch you make a scene, you see

Siempre me estás mirando como a un loco
Como un "Guachupey"
Dándome ese "look" que me das
Con tu Funny Face...

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