Terry S. Taylor The Li'l Bonus Room Lyrics

Here's a little bonus room, because I know you've had it tough
Here's a little bonus tune, about collecting real cool stuff.
Yes, here's a little bonus room, where you can play.
Don't be frightened, don't run away.
You can linger, 'cuz I'm your video friend.
Think of me as a father figure, with a hand to lend.
Here's a little bonus room, where you don't have to worry.
Take your sweet time, you need not hurry.
Oh, you're looking incredible, you're the bomb!
and me, I'm kind of like your dad, and a little like your mom.
There are no Monsters here, hey wait, look over there.
I was just kidding, don't be scared.
and when you turn this game off, in the real world once again,
You won't have to play make-believe, or try to pretend.
'cuz I'll be right there when you open your hand,
'cuz I'm your little invisible musical friend.
So, show me to your pets, or show me to your pals.
You really will impress every nifty guy and gal.
Show them you are individual, show them you are BOLD!
Besides, I get residuals for every game that's sold.
I'm your little invisible musical friend for life.
I'll never leave you.


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