Iron Maiden 02- From here to Eternity Lyrics


She fell in love with his greasy machine
She leaned over wiped his kickstart clean
She'd never seen the beast before
But she left there wanting more more more

But when she was walking on down the road
She heard a sound that made her heart explode
He whispered to her to get on the back
"I'll take you on ride from here to eternity"

[Chorus: (2 times)]
Hell ain't a bad place
Hell is from here to eternity

She must be having one of her crazy dreams
She'd never sat on a piece so mean
I've made her feel like she's on cloud nine
She even thought she heard the engine sigh.

But like all dreams that come to an end
They took a tumble at the devil's bend
The beast and Charlotte they were two of a kind
They'd always take the line... from here to eternity

[Chorus 2 times]

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