07 Somethin' To Believe In Lyrics

it's funny what goes through your mind
when you think of times you spent together
funny but when i think back why we broke up
the reasons seem so small
one day she's with me everything's fine
sayin' somethin' sounded like I love you
the next week i see her walkin' down the street with someone else
probably sayin' the same thing
it's doin' my brain in...

i got nothin - goin' nowhere
tired of under achieving
i keep searchin' - nothin's workin'
it's not enough just to be breathin'
i need somethin' to believe in

it's funny what goes on in your head
when you think about the way things come together
but now i think back why things had to change
the reasons seem so small
cruel twist of fate keepin' me awake
when i need to sleep to take away the hurtin'
but now i got time on my hands tryin' to understand
but there ain't no explainin'
it's doin' my brain in...

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