The Red Button Cruel Girl Lyrics

Cruel Girl why you gotta treat me like a fool girl
Bring me down with everything you do girl
Break my faithful little heart in two girl, cruel girl

I know that I should go I should walk away
But when I think of how things were only yesterday,
It makes me stay.
You were so sweet when we first met
Now you're so bad to me I just can't forget

You're a cruel girl
I'll do anything you want to do girl
I'll believe that every lie is true girl
I could never settle for a new girl, cruel girl

What keeps me standing here staying by your side
When the way you treat me girl only hurts my pride
I can't lie.
I can't forget the words you said
You used to hold me now you hurt me instead.

Everytime I walk away I end up running back to you,
it's true.
Other girls would treat me better
Why you gotta be so cruel. So cruel.

You were so sweet when we first met
But then your pretty face went straight to your head

Oh you're a cruel girl
No one else can hurt me like you do girl
But you know I'll always be your fool girl
I could never settle for a new girl cruel girl
You're so cruel, you're so cruel
Just don't ever tell me that we're through
Oh, you're so cruel.

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