Introspeccion Timeless Paradox Lyrics

Nothing new passes by
I know I need a guide
In my mind I find only a few active ideas
They are running around
While the others sleep
I know that I need something to wake them up
¡I need!

Something that makes me drop
The f___ing routine
To come and open my mind letting me be free
Piece by piece my complexity
I hate when I figure out
That I'm not the one I used to be

Inspiration darkest fear
You became my whole desire (bis)
Awake by dreams that I have
Wishing to have some of them again
While the anger possesses my whole desire, I see
I'm more simple than that
I used to think I was
I always tend to pretend I'm sensible, ¡alone!
Pretend to say my friends needs
Are more important than mine
I'm only selfish and plain I realize
I only feel when the people do
I only cry when I see
People is loosing their hope and their faith
I used to think that I was alive
Now that I know the truth
The only truth that I know
The thing that hurts is to be a fake

Imagine if all your dreams
Would never come alive
And you thoughtfully see
You can´t do anything

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