Introspeccion Self Destruction Lyrics

It seems so strange how I'm feeling this moonlight
Deep through my veins runs this Sad Premonition
While I'm walking around everything seems so far
It seems it's the moment of the endless eruption
Self destruction with the biggest toll
Nothing is worst and I am alone
I'm only echo above the fate
My sight is the only weapon to protect
When will this moment come?
When will the hope emerge?
The phoenix inside of me
Those liberty wings out there
When will my heart defeat
The fear I have if I fail?
I know I'm the one
But I still ignore the road...
I hate how this calmness contrasts my fearing
I'm trying to preach the end that no one's feeling
My sight, my speech useless aren't achieving
The ignorant world suicides without meaning

Self-Destruction is now a fact
This brutal ending is coming fast
The hope is fading I start to cry
I have the power but not the arm
I have more time
World's white light comes
I'm not the one
I'm just the hope
In this war...

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