Alina Simone Saw Edged Grass Lyrics

You just took off
Running through the saw-edged grass
We didn't even turn we knew you would come back
No one really knew
We tiptoed around the things that set you off
Like playing with Matches in the high dry grass

Run, run, there you go, over the creek bed
Why are the brilliant ones always so crazy
I know you love us more than you love your demands
But something keeps you running and only you can stop it

We let it go in silence
It takes off the edge
Sometimes we wrap it up in silence
Cuz it's the only way to rescue the wildest friend
Oh no

Oh no, there you go, running through the saw-edge grass
Turn, turn oh you burn, on the horizon
Hair whips round your face, tumble through the weekend
Underneath the overpass, over the off ramp
Something keeps you running and we can only guess
Digging up the things you hid under the footbridge
Scratches from the branches will only give you away
Only give you away, only give you away, away

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