Anomaly Dynastic Execution Lyrics

You don't feeling any frost and pain
Your soul is roaming in the unknown and darkness
Lost in filthy sounds
Lost in filthy sounds
Faceless persons persecute You
You don't know the past and the future
World's so strange to You!
World's so strange to You!

Caked gore on rotting bones
Sheens in pale, but calm candlelight
The light of a candle won't rise
Your corpse from the dead

b______ execution destroyed You,
It ruined aim and hope
The dark power cursed the world condemned to failure
Took Your soul to it's darkness realm
Desecrating bodies and leaving only
Pills of rotting bones

Understructionable, b______ dynasty
Ruined Your divine illusions
Only it's warm hands softly stroke
Stiffed your bones, dryed up eyes
But You don't feel this
You're dead!

Death with it's sharp claws took
Your body and soul
It choose You
You're dead!

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