Life Long Tragedy Liars Lyrics

Up on that pedestal, baby you're famous
You've got us on our knees worshiping your wages
Laugh on in Hollywood, it's understood
I'm not jealous of your commercialized suicide
Overwhelm us with hate
For how you treat the incomplete
Rebellion, Redemption
Money speaks to me redundantly
Says "life ain't no f___ed fantasy"
And we're not friends so let's not pretend
That there's any substance in this
Stay up staring at the ceiling
Subconscious fight
We're against the glamorous
The gods have their laws
Our fleeting rights
Blindly followed phony leaders
Right off the cliffs
Landing on the rocks below
And sentenced to the worst dungeons
Sink my teeth into temptation
The victims of so-called "circumstance"
Can hardly stand
Motivation is what you've lacked

Liars claim they broke the mold
They sold their souls
Impending wreckage, unprotected, deceptive idols
Wealth and stature, flex your power
Stomp on those who dare oppose
I'm not flawless
I must confess
Beauty contest make me vomit

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