13cm dote up a cat Lyrics

nya nyaa
they're twins
of tortoiseshell
nya nya
IS color of tail.
Nya nya
Siamese cat.
yu yu Everyday
Tension is
High and low.
You may praise a tail.
You may touch my striped back.
Do you Anger me?
I.Fierce I scratch you.
Nya nya
She's a speciacled
persian cat.
guu-guu Booh at night and dream in day
Crazy merry dance
talking the moonlight Shine
Crefor The moon.
i'm lost. i'm looking for you.
please give me milk of your warmith darling
please fill me with milk full to overflowing
my tongue is rough
but i want you to forgive me.
love love love me,
please please dote up a caaat
nya nya
cats are mode from dear whimsy.
kiu? kiu?
just give a dr
nya nya
you have only to kiss tenderly
Chu Chu
Is works mirclade for sick cat.
Trick or trceat?
lift me by yours big hand
i'm on your lap.
let hear candy song
Sweet suite Out og control.

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