Soundtrack Ant Banks / Packin' A Gun Lyrics

"Never leave the pad without packin a gun" -> [Eazy-E {*1}]

Let me drop it on the one, heheh
Real smooth youknowhatI'msayin?

[Chorus: unknown singers]

If you think this s___ is funky
Don't be a punk, n____, just get in the groove {*1}
And if you think this s___ is funky
Don't be a punk, n____, let it get into you

[Ant Banks]
Yeah, check it
Well let me hit it like this, fool Ant Banks is back
Still comin way tight, straight gangsta mack
You see the b____es know I'm loaded, smooth as a poet
Droppin s___ like a pigeon just to let you suckers know it's
the grip that I clock that makes the hoes jock
And n____z get to trippin, and talkin hella s___ and
don't you know your bluffin ain't enough you see
that all you mark m_________ers can't f___ with me
So bring it on cause I got somethin for ya
Mac-10 strong, smoke that a__ like doja
Break that a__ off, until I leave yo' a__ broke
I'm icin like Tyson boy I ain't no joke
A lot of n____z now think they made of steel
Too tough to get took, and that's for real
But let me tell you like $hort n____, that's your life
Cause n____z I know get took every night
Tryin to show out and look good for the hoes
But everybody knows how the story goes...

The b____es ain't s___ cause they all into gafflin
Break a hoe jaw, and I might start laughin

That's how it is so you better play it safe
and get you a gat in a smooth a__ place
And you will never trip when you're tryin to have fun
But n____ you should {*1}



Slap the hand *boom boom*
Put a cap smooth in that a__
I want you to just slap the hand *boom*

[Ant Banks]
Late night trippin on a Saturday night
Hangin at the Uptown, hoes is tight
Thinkin to myself, "Yeah I'm finsta make a come-up"
I'm doin the first tramp b____ that wanna run up
Seen a little tight one, the b____ said, "Hey!"
Rushed that a__ to the store and got the Tanqueray
Pulled over to the side, now I'm cold on the mission
Threw the b____ in the back and put that a__ in position
Baby broke me off, OOH somethin kinda proper
b____ was so tight, I didn't wanna stop her
Now a n____ trippin, sippin on gin
Drunk as f___, and out comes her boyfriend!
Time to call it quits, cause the fool might trip
But the n____ shoulda known that a b____ ain't s___
He reached for the do', now I got him in focus
.380 on that a__, now his life is like hopeless
All over one little stupid dookie b____
with a funky a__ c___ and some juicy a__ lips
But I never trip when I'm tryin to have
Yeah n____ now I {*1}



Slap the hand [boom boom]
Put a cap smooth in that a__
I want you to just slap the hand *boom*

[Ant Banks]
Yeahhhahhh, much props to the m_________in
Dangerous Crew n____

[Chorus 1/2, - {*1}]

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