Dimness Through Infinity Eternal Sunset Lyrics

Visual frost through unseen
solitude my loneliness,my sorrow
I am in my dark lands where I've
worn out influential execration...
Dying with no trace...
Only secret loves where I've drown

''All flames died down in my autumn
dreams and dark roses
in my hands''
Eternal darkness falls down here
Midnight sky retains me...
There was a wing of my
soul-you cannot see
regretful dying and hate
I'm crying...
Like the tears of forlorn clouds
where is my shroud of hopes...

Sorrowful ashen breezes behind
like an elegy my last sleep

I'm dying through deep silence
I imagine through the dusk
My dark dreams in the mist

''But the sun doesn't
promise to
rise again,
it has sworn to be hidden...''


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