Clan Of Xymox She is Dangerous Lyrics

It took me ages to complete
the other lines underneath
Now they are here after all
Like the sun rise and falls
Time means nothing to me now
She'd cast a spell and now I am bound
She's the force I always feared
Now I'm lost for years

She is dangerous
She is dangerous

I'm crouching down on my knees
Cos she's so hard to please
And I'am all messed up now
It simply has to stop somehow
I'd let her soak up my soul
Now I feel she is in control
There's no one to believe
I don't want her here

She's dangerous
She's dangerous

Now you know the truth
She knows it too
She's dangerous, she's dangerous
I met her on line
She took a step back
I saw her undress
She's like a goddess
She called me honey
She called me baby
She showed me everything
And wanted to collect
Danger zone, she is in control
Danger zone, she is in control
She's dangerous, she's dangerous

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