Clan Of Xymox Cynara Lyrics

You said there's nothing more to lose
You said nothing is real
Our love is sheer platonic,
but sometimes it's on offer

Now I feel like a thief,
an addict to my dream
Two ways in-between,
way down I couldn't breathe
And I say what I believe,
but it s no use to believe me.

Come by me, untie me, come find me, entirely
Come by me , untie me, come find me , Cynara

I can't hide my ache for you,
as long as no one s eyes can see
So many times I have said,
all the ghosts live in your head

So come on let me in,
keep me warm inside,
keep me alive.
So come on let me know,
so let's begin,
Give me a true account
of your secret world,
Your secret desires
of your innermost.
So come on let me know,
so come on let me in
Keep me warm again,
keep me within.

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