Kevin Gilbert The City of the Sun Lyrics

The attendant at the Texaco saw the guitar case in my back seat
and decided to impart his tragic tale
He said: "I used to play in a band like you,
we even made a record too"
and sang a bar that hardly rang a bell
Now I'm not one to make a lot
of omens and premonitions and fleeting thoughts
but I must admit that I tried to avoid his stare
'Cause I didn't want to see him see himself in me
with the look of an extinguished flame that might be lurking there
Waxing sad with drip and dreg,
c'mon now Toto get off my leg,
you gotta remember we're not in Kansas anymore
And remember always to look both ways,
say "please" and "thank you" and curtsey twice
before you gore their sacred dinosaurs...
Welcome to the City of the Sun
Johnny on the sidewalk,
Johnny on the street,
Johnny in the places where the outlaws meet
Johnny on the sofa,
Johnny shaking hands,
Johnny with the spinning head in wonderland
Welcome to the City of the Sun
Oh Johnny you've got a song in your heart
You've got important things to say
We're here to help you make a new start
We're not gonna take your heart away
You stand before us like a veiled figure at the end of a long gallery
Distant and forever mysterious
Advice from the tasteless to the bland
Wash all that magic from your hands
Make it so we might understand

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