The Epilogue The Chase Lyrics

I pray that tonight will end
And take my soul to keep
You ask for one more chance to throw it all away
But you can hold your lies and your goodbyes;
I'm heading off to sleep
On the issue of trust, there's nothing we can say

Let's set the scene;
Enter me and exit you obscene
The audience, they held their breath
I ran the whole way home in sun that bleached the bones

All the notches on my wall were the lines I crossed divine
Every story is out on clearance
And I want someone else's blood
[someone else's blood] is running from my eyes
And you're not fast enough, little girl
I've saved you for last

I haven't said a thing
Sitting so calm, a smile for everyone
I haven't said a thing
Hate-ridden parasites crumpling minds

Once, kissing ivory, you thought you might crack the sky
These are short breaths between suffocation and l___
And rest
And the rest

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