Heltah Skeltah, Das EFX, Glaze Game Over Lyrics

[No more games. 'Ey yo. No more games, cuz game over!]

[Rock of Heltah Skeltah]
On the count of three transform, bezet mack DJ's,
wherethrough any hood, even Eddie Murphy DJ's
if we ever see ya we beat up the ruff to take his earf
yo somebody must have sent them the word, ya heard

[Ruck of Heltah Skeltah]
Murkey today, decept purple decray, fill the burst from the tray
see the urban decay, never f___ with you cowards cuz your worthless and gay
take your hat and coat n____z leave you shirtless and hey

[s_____of Das EFX]
Yo, Yo, Yo, Life's a b____ I'm trying be twice as rich
ice to wrist, trying cop priceless s___
things ain't changed, still terrorise the game, bring the pain
still living my thundom range
Ready to ball, don you ain't staidy you fall
On the downlow your found low in the ground yo
Come around yo, mad s__ and drugs
Puff a haze in the custom made nex on dove

Game over, lets see if you can play with the best
Game over, who next, step up and get wrecked
Game over, and we only play with respect
Game over, its over soldier, told ya
Game over, rewind if you wanna play again
Game over, that's fine but you still can't win
Game over, with the joy-stick or the pin
Game over, its over soldier, told ya

[Glaze NY]
Yo, I got chips in the stash, schemes to get cash
t__s I could flash, and a thong in my a__
b____ go against me, I better think fast
How your bodyguards and your bulletproof glass
for ya!

[P Dap]
Push the six Walara s___an with a shotgun, give a f___ if the cops come
the type of cat who come hom your face, invading s___e,
Daper daddy dealing with your case

Rappers get inches daddy sticky stains on my fende-a (?)
n____z drop, had the biggest drug by us in the block
You ever waist the sperm, or tought like I was scern
f___ing germ how you want this a lava or luvagurn

See I ain't got no rocking your cife to prove that I'm nice
I ask n____z they tell you I aint new with the mic
But every now and then, n____z wanna test the chen
I came in piece but that's what I leave 'em restening


'Ey yo, pass me the potion,
All of you flash into a corvotion
Im the one holds and spits this s___ with emotion
As soon as i'll closing, all of you stop the cormotion
Agallah b____ I'll open
The name is selfspoken

We run NYC with the pounds to get high
Serve n____z from headstate queens to bedstop
Lime green weely n____z with red eyes
n____ hot green go with the force like jedis

n____z roll the dust to this s___, cuz my words like herb
This track's getting blazed and the seas getting surfed
You know the size we don't wanna wake up ????
And take more L's to the chest than levurn (?)

[Masta Ace]
A lot of n____z switch and transform into a b____
Once they get the green light mitch and become rich
Your cute song aint hot n____, its nuke warm
And what I'm on is hip hop in its true form


Enter me two things that maintain my verbal A.K
Misery spray, in any emcee in his way
No doubt about it, I bart it, bart it then brawt about it
Ya wanna start it, I'm leaving m_________ers dearly departed

Ya sore losers pressing the restart b___on
When we roll up, you say nothing
Party crashers with permanent hang overs
Shut the f___ up, pass the mic, game over
sore losers pressing the restart b___on
When we roll up, you say nothing
Party crashers with permanent hang overs
Shut the f___ up pass the mic, game over

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