Maskavo Blond problem Lyrics

I've got a girl with a long blond hair
Well, she's not so kind, but I don't care
I have some problems when we walk around the street
Showing her beauty to everyone I meet
I'm gonna tell 'em she's only mine
My only girl, oh the baby I adore, oh the baby I adore

Lord knows (Lord I've been so down) I've been sow down
(Lord I've been so down) so down so down
(Lord I've been) so down

well my people complains that I'm not the same
keep on telling me my babe is driving me insane
fellas they miss me and they've got their worried minds
can't they realize my babe makes me feel so fine
she's not the only one, she's just the best
far from each other it makes, makes me run so fast
oh it makes me run so fast

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