UGK Quit Hatin' The South Featuring Charlie Wilson And Willie D Lyrics

[Intro: Pimp C]
Uh! It's really goin down in the South b____!
Yeah n____! We know hip-hop and rap and all that s___ started in the
m____fuckin East
Knalmsayin? Then it went to the West coast and they did it a little bit better
Knalmsayin? But now it's our time to shine down here n____!
Knalmsayin? So since y'all n____z keep sayin we ain't real hip-hop down here
We don't wanna be down with you b____ a__ n____z!
So y'all stay up there with that BULLshit!
This country rap tunes down here n____!
Young Pimp! Young Bun! Underground Kingz!
All the O.G.'s that's recognizing the real, I got love for y'all
But all you b____ a__ n____z talkin down in ya records, you can eat a d___!
Hold up!

[Charlie Wilson (Pimp C):]
Pushin cocaine, serving pounds of weed (pounds of weed p____ n____)
Steady stayin on the grind (steady grinding, stay in the studio n____)
p____ n____ can't say he ain't hating me (I know you hating me b____.. hold up)
Because if you did, then you wouldn't be lying (hold up)
But how in the hell am I supposed to respect the man? (if it ain't respected, it ain't respected)
That talk down on every song (I hear you talkin down n____!)
You steady actin like a b____, you steady cryin your eyes out (stop crying b____!)
Say my name p____ n____, we can get the s___ on.. on..
Ooooooooh yeah! (Knalmtalkinbout?)

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]
Quit hatin the South... (baby)
We gettin paper in the South... (gettin money)
Quit hatin the South... (baby)
Quit hatin the South...

[Bun B:]
Well it's been a long time my n____, I shouldn't have left you (I shouldn't have left)
When I some real trill s___ to go left to
Gotta lot of respect fool (yeah), for the ones before me
But when my time came they act like they ain't know me
I've been down with rap music since Cold Crush and Melle (Melle)
Before MTV put Run-D.M.C. on the tele (tele)
Back when Whodini tried to tell ya about ya friends
n____ I was giving rap all my time and my ends
Bought d___ near every record the m____fucka dropped
West coast gangsta music, East coast hip-hop
Now it's our time to shine and the tables is turned
Them m____fuckas aggravated 'cause we gettin some burn
"There's no room for everybody, just a few n____z is swole" (why is that?)
Proabably 'cause they favorite rappers ain't in control
But just let go of the past 'cause it's hurtin your hands
And pass it over to the next generation of fans
And quit hatin the South


[Willie D:]
I'm blastin off on you hoes like NASA
You double standards and hypocrisy, remind me of Massa
We ain't good enough to eat at ya table but when ya d___ get hard
You wanna run up with the ?
I from the get.. c__e but I'm still clockin figures
b____.. hoe.. c___suckin n____
And that goes for all you visitors too
If you don't like it down here, get the f___ on fool!
They say you can't rap and they questioning our intellect
Friendly a__ n____z jumpin bad on the internet
Ain't nobody typing that much, can't be a danger
Catch you in person, b____ I'll break yo' fingers!
It's some trash in the South but I promise you
From the East to the West, some of y'all garbage too
I can give a rat's a__ where a rapper is from
I remember N.W.A. and PE
Had me feelin like a rapper was the thing to be
You can't f___ with Willie D, UGK either
Disrepsecting the code, ? m____fuckas neither

[Chorus: 1/2]

[Pimp C:]
To all the radio, T.V., and even the presses
Been hatin on the Sizz-outh like we ain't ready
Y'all think we came in the place, say man we came in the state
Y'all shoulda listened to Andre, b____ we got somethin to say
And all you washed up rappers, you ain't what it's about
I see y'all tryna rap like us and puttin grills in ya mouth
Y'all buy the beat, buy the beat, like y'all bouncin and twerkn
But hoe we know what's goin on and b____ that bullshit ain't workin
I'ma O.G. Rock Balll, write my name up on the wall
f___ yo' b____ and hit the switch and put my d___ up in her jaw
(I'm Sweet) Jones, f___ed a clone, legend on the microphone
Player's choice, silver Royce, keep yo' b____'s p____ moist
I'm b__ped the school, that's how I do, sippin drank, each teen night
In Benz, big blue lens, knock this b____ and f___ with her friend
Candy cart, squeeze 'em out, bought the ranch man f___ the house
And y'all still gotta buy y'al dope from us so what the f___ you b____
n____z talkin 'bout? {*echoes*}

[Outro: Pimp C]
All you ole sensitive a__ n____z! Knalmtalkinbout?
Y'all n____z on y'all period up there b____!
Knalmtalkinbout? Y'all hide behind them e-mail addresses
sending that bullshit through the air!
b____! Say my name b____, I'ma come to ya house!
f___ how you feel, country rap tunes n____!
They put all y'all records on one side of the store
And put all the country rap music on the other side of the store
And see who sell out first... b____ a__ n____!
It's ya own fault ya s___ ain't sellin!
You reap what you sew!
f___ you in ya p____!
Keep talkin that s___, them young gladiators go come get you too patna!
Already, UGK for life, f___ how you feel about it b____!
Young Pimp

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