Jubilee Fuzz Are Down Lyrics

Into the shattered heart of this city it's a one-way ride
And one more time is good enough for me
You're not your mother's son now, it's a pity
Pack your shame and roll towards all the finest phonies you can see
On and on it goes, down the rabbit hole, prescription's getting low
Here it comes... Feels like dying

Cut 'em all down
Fuzz are down

It's the things that start spontaneous that end in the same way
I just need something that don't need me
Run amok for a rush, safe and unsound
Only found this crutch
Here it comes... Paralyzing

So No-Ho, check and mate
Rock the boat but don't make waves
Up is down, right is wrong
How long now has it been this gone?

It's all the same to me, so fake it baby

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