Jubilee L.A. Lyrics

Words and music by Neil Young, 1973, Silver Fiddle Music (ASCAP)

In a matter of time, there'll be a friend of mine, gonna come to the coast, you're gonna see him up close for a minute or two
While the ground cracks under you

By the look in your eyes you'd think that it was a surprise
But you seem to forget something somebody said about the bubbles in the sea
And an ocean full of trees, and you now...

City in the smog
Don't you wish that you could be here too?

Well, it's hard to believe, so you get up to leave, and you laugh at the door that you heard it all before
Oh it's so good to know that it's all just a show for you

But when the suppers are planned, and the freeways are crammed, and the mountains erupt, and the valley is sucked into cracks in the earth
Will I finally be heard by you?

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