Mr. Bungle Stubb Lyrics

Do you remember
We called you puppy?
Now you're one of us
We call you family


Treading underfoot
and stinking a__
Hold the door aside
and let her pass


Reflections of a bloated lie
A life stored in your cloudy eye
Now it's time to say goodbye
Stubb a Dub will never die

Chase a tail that isn't there
It's time to wipe your b___
Sliding down b___ hill

Dahg Rastubfari - do you know
That you're a f___ing dog?
If you can hear me, then throw up

Give me a sign
And I'll throw a
stick, bring it back
Roll over and die
You taught me a
lesson - thanks mom!

Do you understand me
Do you think about me
when you're peeing?
Do you really think
you're gonna grow
Into a human being?

This dog has seen better days

You're gonna die
How does it feel, Stubb?

Eat & sleep
Fulfill your only roll
Let your problems seep
Out of your hole


Do you remember
We called you family?
Now you're underground
We call you memory



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