MC Plus+ End of File (feat. Logic the Android and Vitamin Z) Lyrics

("There's a 68.71% chance you're right")

[Logic The Android]
Ladies and gentlemen, please listen close
Take your cups and your bottles and raise up a toast
To the clique that's the s___ that gets no defiance
The funky m_________ers who rap in Computer Science.
This is Logic tha Android comin' to destroy your ploys plots and plans
Why ask why (It's more fun to compute*)
I like taking Risc plus x86, motorola and intel, it's all in the mix
'Cause when you get down to it it's only bilingual and I flip machine code like your mother dips a Pringle
I flex the decibel in hexidecimal, smokin' silicon in the back of the vestibule
MC Plus Plus+ and you know that he is fluent
Representing gangsta a__ CS grad students
Hit ya like c__e uncut and Peruvian,
No XOR AND logically like we're boolean
I'm truly in the zone with PCB and Chrome
If your claim to fame is BASIC you can leave that s___ at home
'Cause I write symphonies on Apple IIes in a__embly
If you're a nerd or thug then you can never resemble me
You need to close your brackets
Plus your ratatatat s___ to really grasp it
The CS gangsta magic;
Just remember if you're a geek and you wanna step against the CS gangstas then it's EOF
I said remember if you're a b____ and you wanna step against the CS gangstas then it's EOF.

Hey yo, this one goes out to the gringos writin' jingles
I'm droppin' down your chimney like my name was Kris Kringle
Heatin' up the single 'cause I spit blue flame
To, you sucka MC's is just a glitch in my game
Tou puttin' salt in the frame
MC's tastin' like sodium
Sick to my stomach, need some lyrical Immodium,
In my gut, I'm in yo face like what 'cause the DJ's got my back
With the serrated cuts MC's is nuts, tryin' to f___ with this here 'cause CS rap s___
Turned the game on it's ear, and kicked it in the sac,
DJ bring it back
I'm the last thing you remember before you fade to black
'Cause I'm on the attack when it comes to kickin' raps
You can call me "My Sharona" 'cause I got the knack
I'm doin' it to death till there's nothin left, you step to CS gangstas it's EOF.
Yo I'm doin' it to death till there's nothin' left, if you step to CS then it's EOF.

[MC Plus+]
Primitive types like longs and ints
In your girl's booty like thongs and s___s
I don't need to make sense, I just need to make a dollar.
Drive to White Castle naked just to make you holla
"Oh sweet mother of God he's naked"
He turned around, showed his a__, continued to shake it.
Man I'm crazy out my mind. Just give me enough time I'll be arrested for s___
That I said in this rhyme
Like a progress bar that's gone too far
Crack ya' skull with a crowbar
Compress you to tar
Gzip I rap with Logic the Android
And with Vitamin C I make your method return void
I'll hack your s___ and I prefer the backdoor whether it's a SunBlade Server
Or a Portugese w____.
When I hack this s___ man there'll be nothin' left, so f___ with CS gangsta's it's EOF.

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