Jimmy Buffett If I Could Just Get It On Paper Lyrics

If I could just get it on paper

The things that have happened tonight

But that seems to me to be the big key

I'm havin' too good a time to ever turn

Out the lights.

Go to bed wake up with a clear head

Recalling what made it a ball

If I could just get it on paper

I might make some sense of it all

If I could tell half of the stories

The funny way most things begin

Figure ways to disguise all the half truths and lies

Find the heart of my song with the point of a pen

Simple words can be come clever phrases

And chapters could turn into books

Yes if I could just get it on paper

But it's harder than it ever looks.


All alone in the edge of the water

Hidin' out by the Sea of Cortez

With my sketch pads and Flairs

Tapes and battery spares

It's just no comprehendo to what everyone says

Time alone seemed to work well for Faulkner

Time away seems to work for the kid

Life and ink they run out at the same time

Or so said my old friend the squid

Yes if I could just get it on paper tonight

I could tell you what I think I did.

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