As Tall As Lions We're the Ones That Keep You Warm At Night Lyrics

Blurring lines between memory and dream
Wiping the seed from my eyes
You know that I confuse the two
It happens all the time
What's real and what's in your mind

Dreaming my life away
Everyday's an endless night
Your dreaming your life away
And shivers all of your days

Go on and on and on and on and on

C'mon, I'm awake
Just tired in the eyes
A daydream to last all of your life

It seems the more I try
To stop turning off my mind
The more I just feel like I died

Fade into another
On and on the feeling's gone
Movin' backwards
And I am stuck in your shadow
() in the middle
I'm wide awake, the dream remains
I blink my eyes but nothing's changed

We're the ones that keep you warm at night

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