Ledisi Devotion Lyrics

Thru devotion, blessed are the children
Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many
Your devotion, opens all lifes treasures
And deliverance, from the fruits of evil.
So our mission, to bring a melody,
Ringin voices sing sweet harmony

For you heres a song, to make your day brighter.
One that will last, you long thru troubled days.
Giving your heart the light to brighten.
All of the dark that falls in your way
You need devotion. bless the children
Deliverance from the fruits of evil

In everyones life, theres a need to be happy.
Let the sun shine, a smile your way.
Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion.
Maybe this song, will help uplift your day.

Make a better way
You need devotion

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