Coheed And Cambria The Velorium Camper I: Faint Of Heart Lyrics

With the worries that I'd live her in they told the worst of me
my waiting just to hold your neck in my arms and feel me squeeze
no I'm not going to give you what you want so if you please
the sing that shapes your voice carries my ears in this new disease
did somebody take your tongue?
in worries of the words that you couldn't say if they could've saved them from
but I don't want to sleep without so I bid to you goodnight
tonight sleep tight my love
the anxious thought the calming storm you'll sit as you pray for rain
I'll touch it if you ask me to but how is up to you
no I'm not going to let you get up if you struggle willingly
I'll favor all your form to show you how it's been done to me
with all the words you say'll save
you were so well behaved
as you arched and made your way
this gift for you engraved the shift as stretch your legs
you were so well behaved
you were so well
who taught these tricks that were so well behaved
if the world stops turning girl you better not stop when I say
if here was nothing you could do to stop it why'd you try
then the ground starts parting through the silence as you woke up the dead
everything here dies alone...
but I'm not quite sure what you've been told
this unfolds...on Labor Day
I'm not starting with you but the faint of heart

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