Poverty's No Crime Point Of View Lyrics

You are always the concience inside
But different is all that we want to be
You looked me straight in the eyes
And left my side with a smile on your face

Nothing in common, like a fighting defender
Always in danger of a useless surrender

Wasting time to keep the lion's eye
Isolation makes me feel this way
I don't want to take strong advice like
"Don't go there and follow evil's way "

See the words we've had every night
You cannot win unless you don't give in
It´s no use wasting a single tear
I just want to show my point of view

You put the spy in my head
And I put up with losing my self control
Faces they stare without eyes
Prey on my mind - capture my dreams

Nothing in common - a binding agenda
Don't say the world keeps on turning without me.........

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