Kerry Livgren One More Song Lyrics

I remember long ago, how the time just seems to fly
The days are passing by so fast that it makes you want to cry
And the old bad times are good times now
When you're lookin' back to see, but the times,
they change so elusively, and it's

One more song, 'cause I've got so much I still need to say
One more song, a melody that won't fade away
One more song, each day I live is one more song

I found a love to fill my heart and it's everything I need
Like a mighty tree that grew from a tiny little seed
And the branches fill my life and the roots they run so deep
I'm holding on, to the one thing I can keep, and it's


Always another word to be said
Always another symphony in my heart
Never repeating, ever so new
Whatever the music, still I will cling to You
One so true

I can feel the meaning now in every breath I take
Through the laughter and the tears, in every choice I make
Not a moment passes by that I don't realize
We never live, until we harmonize, singing


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