Phideaux Microdeath Softstar Lyrics

The bringer of the future casts a shadow, watch it grow
He extends a single finger cuz there's only one way to go
And the watchers on the sidelines, polite to a tee
Like contestants on TV, they are you - they are me

So come round all you faithful, watch him gather up the gold
When he's got the lot he lingers, just to savour what he has sold
And the mesmerized are silent, too stunned to believe
What their eyes have finally received
This is not a bad dream

Come now and witness, time to behold
All we have planted has sprouted and grown

Was it enough for you? Did it please you?
Let the poison through
Was it enough for you? No perfume
Let the stench come through

If you catch them at the station ask them how they feel
When the cradle of creation is crushed under the wheels

Do not speak oh do not speak cuz nothing's left but words to reap
And what we sowed is ours to keep - good day to everyone
Do not speak oh do not speak the words were lies, our will was weak
Lemmings poised to take a leap - good day to everyone

I'd like to say it's over and we will be okay
I'd like to say it's over and that you feel the same

Once upon a time there was some writing on the wall we all ignored
Until the time when there was war and feasts of famine at our door
Once upon a time there was a line that we had drawn we wouldn't cross
Cuz it was wrong but lines are bendable and seldom very long

Fear leaves a trace of something stale
A wasteland of memories of how we failed
All we need is time, all we need is time
But time's too d___ed unkind

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